Brooding On

How Do You Find the Time?

I love getting feedback on my blog.  It lets me know that I'm not just doing this for myself.  Feedback like "I love this new laundry detergent.  Thanks for sharing!" makes my day.  "I made the Spicy Black Bean Soup, and my family loved it!" puts a smile on my face. 

"Your blog makes me feel lazy!" however,  is not on the list of my favorite comments (you know who you are ;).  I definitely don't set out to make anyone feel badly about herself.  Besides, you guys are busy, too, you just may not go through your day with a camera strapped to your neck and thinking about how you could describe what you're doing in a step-by-step process. ;) 

But, an acquaintance posited seriously the other day, "How do you find the time?"  My answer is that we make time for the things that we love to do.  I mean, isn't it true?  If it's of value to us, we'll find the time to work it in. 

So, I choose to find time to make fresh juice every morning, make my own soap, process my own milk, and so on.  But, just to remind you that I'm no superwoman, here's a list of things I haven't made time for lately:

1.  going out for date night (I really do want to have date night with my husband, but we haven't had much luck finding a sitter who will also milk the goat ;) Suggestions?)
2.  reading a novel (I love to read, but it's hard to find the time to sit down with books other than my organic gardening or cheese making books.)
3.  making my kids' lunches for school (I know. I know.  Shame on me.  On the days they have taken their lunches lately, it's been Lunchables thrown into the lunchboxes.  I do resolve, though, to do better about sending wholesome food to school with my kids next year.  It hardly seems worth the effort right now, since they have only one day of school left for the year.)
4.  watching a show or movie during daylight hours
5.  finishing my deep cleaning (I saved my bedroom and bathroom for last and have yet to do it.  I REALLY dislike cleaning, and I lost the momentum.)
6.  getting my hair done (I've got a certain four-letter-word shining brightly at my scalp and am in dire need of a trim.)
7.  painting my nails (it may seem frivolous, but I love to wear my nails painted.  But, since I've had to cut them short so as not to pinch or scratch Razz during milking, it hardly seems worth taking the time to paint the little stubs.)
8.  taking the rabbit for walks (I know. I know. I really should do this everyday.  She is, after all, continuing to get bigger!  I'm starting to think we're living some kind of modern fairy tale about the rabbit that wouldn't stop growing and eventually took over the farm).
9.  sleeping in (that alarm goes off at 5:30am, every day of the week)
10.  getting my phone fixed (I dropped it on a field trip last week and shattered the screen.)

Okay.  There.  A list of 10 things I haven't done.  I could keep going, but then I would start to feel lazy.  ;)