Brooding On

Eat Local; Eat in Season

Yesterday, a County Extension agent held a meeting here in town to help us coordinate the upcoming Farmer's Market.  It will begin in June, run for at least 6 weeks, and be located right on Main Street.  Now, we are trying to get the word out and get local farmers to commit to being there once (or possible twice) a week for the duration of the 6-weeks.

In our small town, lots of people have backyard gardens and other small-scale farming operations.  Many growers produce far more than their families can consume yet have no good outlet for their extras.  This market will serve the farmer by allowing them a way to earn some cash while unloading surplus and will serve the community by providing us an opportunity to eat food produced locally and support our own local economy. 

In keeping with eating locally, did you notice the new gadget on the right sidebar of the blog?  It automatically updates to show you what foods are currently in season in Arkansas.  This can be helpful when meal planning and will help you know what to expect to find when you show up on Saturday  morning at the Farmer's Market.