Brooding On

Chicks Are Growing!

Our little chickies are not so little anymore!  It seems they've become lively, rebellious teenagers.  They love getting moved to new grass each day and try to escape to even greener patches every time we open up the door.  We sometimes have to spray them with the hose so that they'll back away enough from the door for us to switch out their feeders.   

Here's one of the Dominiques (or "Domineckers," as they say around here) that will become apart of our laying flock.

We are now able to tell the difference between hens and roosters.  This Buff Orpington is a hen.

See the pronounced red comb?  This one is a rooster.

I opened the door to get some better pictures, and they promptly charged me! 

It's so much fun to see how these little guys are growing.