Brooding On

Bucket List

My parents had the chance to visit our little farm this past weekend.  It was their first trip here since the goats arrived.  After Girl 1, showed them how to do it, my Mom jumped right in and took a seat on the milking stool.  She did great and seemed to really enjoy the goats during her visit.

It took Dad a day to warm up to the idea, but he wasn't going to be shown up by Mom, so on Day 2 of their visit, he gave it a try. 

The look on his face says it all:   Okay, I'm doing it.  Can I be done now?   
I love this picture!

Though he probably won't be jumping onto the milking stool again any time soon, I was proud of him for giving it a try.  Maybe he should write "milk a goat" on his bucket list, so that he can cross it off.

By the way, if any of you, dear readers, would like to cross "milk a goat" off your own bucket list, feel free to stop by between 5:00 and 6:00 for a visit.  Razz is very tame and patient with beginners, and we love to have visitors.