Brooding On

Ready or Not, Here We Go!

The goats are set to arrive Saturday.  We've been anticipating their arrival for months now.  Because of kidding and weaning, we've had to wait until now for their arrival.  All that wait time has translated into uber-preparedness.  I mean, seriously, just check out this view of the milking room.  Yes, look at those bins -- my love affair with the label-maker continues (please don't tell my slow cooker ;).  Also pictured here are the freshly painted walls, milking stand John built, newly installed shelf, shop light for working after dark, and refurbished old stool that carries with it a bit of nostalgia.  After all this waiting, it's hard to believe we're so close!  I can almost taste that milk!

In the weeks leading up to my turning 16, I used to just sit in my car in the driveway listening to music.  I could hardly wait to be able to actually drive it without an adult in the car with me.  I think we've all got a bit of that going on about the goats.  Here, Girl 1 is just sitting on the milking stool, getting a feel for things.  And, last night, we all just kind of hung out in the goat shed, talking mostly, but also doing a few last minute things to prep the space.

 I was so proud of Girl 2 for working so diligently and not goofing off. 
Then, I saw all the pine shaving she'd thrown in Girl 1's hair.  Oh, well.  We're having fun, and that's a huge part of what all this is about anyway.  :)