Brooding On

Fish and Poop!

Yep!  That's really what it's called.  This is my new favorite organic fertilizer.  I purchased it here.  It's great for the vegetable garden, in-ground non-edibles, and potted plants.  Do not be deceived by the lovely rose on the front.  And don't do what I did, which is remove the cap, put it to my nose, and take a big whiff.  Seriously, DON'T DO IT!  I can't believe I didn't drop the bottle when I did it, honestly.  I am not exaggerating:  this is the worst smell I have EVER smelled!  Now, before you go thinking it can't be that bad, remember that I am a mother . . . of 3 kids.  So, I've smelled some pretty atrocious things in my time.  (I'll spare you a list.)  
The bottle says to apply once a month.  For my garden veggies, I like to apply it for the first time when plants have developed their first true leaves and then again when flowering.  After that, monthly seems like a good plan.

I recently applied some Fish and Poop to the strawberry plants.  Look how many berries are in this bunch!  So exciting!

Oh, and as a lagniappe photo, I thought I'd include this one of my pink azaleas.  When I first put these in about 4 years ago, they were diseased.  So, we've nursed them back to health, and this is the first year they've bloomed.  They're a little spindly, but I'm just glad to see they're making a comeback!