Brooding On

An Afternoon Walk Through the Yard

 These are our two Eurasian Collared-Doves.  I think they've set up nest in one of our trees.  The last several days, we've been able to hear the mating call as we eat breakfast.  (As Barbara Kingsolver says, April is the sexiest month!)  Today, as they preened one another, I was able to catch a glimpse of them up close.  Aren't they beautiful?

Also, this guy was out hunting for a mate today.

And, things are blooming.  These blooms are about 8 inches in diameter.  Love them!

And, the Knockout rose bushes are covered up.

All things green are growing strong.

Asparagus has grown tall and gone to seed, already preparing for next year's harvest.

And then there's the "fuzzy plant."  It's blooming!  Who knew?

And, my favorite sight of the afternoon: the school bus pulling into view. :)