Brooding On

Quick and Cheap Grow Light

We just added another grow light to the guest room, so I thought I'd fill you in on what we did.  We bought a shoplight from Home Depot.

This light holds two flourescent bulbs and can be suspended from the ceiling. 

For our setup, I just spread a tarp out on the bed in the guest room, placed plants in under-the-bed storage boxes, and hung the lights from the ceiling.

Cost analysis?
Shoplight     $19.97
Bulbs            $9.47
Chain/hooks $7.00

Total= $36.44
Seems a small price to pay for the ability to extend our growing season by months!

Also, here's an update on the sweet potatoes.  I transferred the plants that had sprouted roots to their own pots.  I really only plan on having about 4 plants in the garden, but I've decided to take advantage of having extras and use them as ornamental vines for my pots.