Brooding On

New Goat Breeder

All the work John has done to try to find us a new goat has paid off.  And, man, did he work hard!  He followed so many leads, I had to have him make me a chart so that I could keep straight who all he had talked to and what he'd found out from them.  For those who read my last goat post about poor Lydia, she does seem to be doing some better but is not putting on the kind of weight that she should at this point in her pregnancy.  Her breeder has kept us informed but still doesn't feel comfortable selling her.  So, we are now working with a new breeder who will be selling us Razz as a milker.  These photos are actually of Razz's kids, but she looks most like this first pic.  We will get to see her in person when we go visit her later this week.  We are quite excited.

We are actually planning to purchase 3 goats.  Razz, is the momma who will be in milk.  We will also bring home her newly weaned doeling (female kid).  And, when we go to the farm, we plan to select a 1 year old doe as well.  This will provide us with the option of having two milkers next year. 

If all goes well, the doeling will be weaned and all three will be ready to make the move to our house by mid to late April.  I'll keep you informed!