Brooding On


Today, I had the honor of being the guest speaker at the Jonesboro chapter of MOPS.  My friend, who's been following my blog lately, invited me to come talk about our homesteading efforts, and I was so excited about the opportunity to talk about my gardening efforts, compost, rabbit, chickens, household cleaners, and such.  After all, my mom says my blog reads like I am a "frustrated teacher," so having a captive audience for 45 minutes or so was right up my alley. :) 

They may have thought I was borderline crazy, but to their credit, no one expressed it.  In fact, I enjoyed answering lots of their questions, and I must admit, they were a much more engaged audience than I suspect my sophomore English students would've been this week -- the week before spring break.

One of the MOPS members brought the recipe and all the supplies for everyone to make her own spray bottle full of Veggie Wash.  I've never used a fruit or veggie cleanser, so I'm excited to give it a try.  Once I give it a good trial run, you may find the recipe here on the blog!

I did have a couple of questions that I wasn't able to answer today, so I did a little research and would like to offer some resources here, in case any of today's audience members happen to check the blog. :)

1.  On the heels of my talking about how rabbit manure is garden-ready and need not compost, one MOPS member asked whether llama poo had the same qualities.  Well, according to this article, yes, llama poo can also be added immediately to the garden without the need to compost.  In fact, it's an excellent fertilizer, and I found several websites that are actually selling it by the bag.  So, dear MOPS member, maybe you should open up a little side business and allow that llama to earn her keep!  :)

2.  Another MOPS member brought up what I thought was an excellent point about how so many Crock Pot recipes are dependent upon store-bought canned goods such as Cream of Whatever soups.  She asked whether I knew of any resources for healthier recipes.  I didn't, but now I do.  :)  Eating Well has a ton of Crock Pot recipes that I look forward to trying out.  Another MOPS member mentioned Skinny Crock Pot which seems to have lots of great stuff as well.

So, thank you, Jonesboro MOPS, for allowing me the opportunity to step back into the role of teacher for a few minutes and for teaching me through the questions you asked and the helpful recipes you shared.