Brooding On

Making the Most of Opportunity

Goats love to climb, but they're also escape artists.  We want our "goat habitat" to be as goat-friendly as possible, so we thought it would be great to give them a place to play "king of the mountain" all day long. Their climbing toy must be placed far enough away from a fence that they can't use it as a stepping stone to freedom and must be heavy enough that they can't roll it over to the fence for the same purpose.  We have a huge rock in the front yard that we thought would be perfect, but since a tractor or truck won't fit through our backyard fence it was out of the question.  Until . . . we got a new roof this past week and the roofers took down our fence to make way for their own truck.  How does the old saying go? . . . When life gives you a downed fence, move a rock. . . Or something like that.
Here's a pic of where the fence used to be.

Cousin Isaac, expert tractor driver, picked up the rock in one deft move, drove it to the backyard, and carefully deposited it over the fence of the goat pen.

The guys then attached chain and used the tractor to pull the rock into position.

Though the girls aren't sure about sharing their "climbing rock," I think the goats will love their new play space, and I love that I can see the rock perfectly from my kitchen sink window.  Thanks, Isaac!  We couldn't have done it without your help!