Brooding On

Hori hori!

My thoughtful husband gave me a hori hori for our anniversary!  What?  You've never heard of a hori hori?  Well, let me fill you in.  By the end of this post, you'll be wondering why your significant other has never thought to give you such an amazing gift!
Featured in the March/ April issue of Hobby Farms, a hori hori is "one of the most versatile tools a gardener can possess."  In Japanese, hori means "dig," so I'd say it's aptly named.  According to the article, the hori hori can be used for "dividing perennials, slicing tree and shrub roots, prying rocks, hacking open plastic bedding bales, and more." 

More expensive versions are sold on Burpee's website, but my hubby was able to find one made by Fiskars at Wal-mart for much cheaper.  Apparently, they don't know what it's called, though, so it's on the shelf as a "Multi-Purpose Planting Tool."  According to the tag, it's features include  . . .
-- a trowel blade for planting
-- a serrated edge for digging and cutting
-- a forked tip for weeding
--a large, soft grip for added comfort and control

I'm sold!  I haven't had opportunity to use it yet, as I just unwrapped it, but I am already having visions of myself wielding it wildly in the garden, ripping open mulch bags, and unleashing my fury on those weeds that dare creep into my garden beds!