Brooding On

Something's Happening in the Guest Room

And, no, the title of the post is not a reference to the broken bed frame our most recent guest left behind. 
The above photo is what the guest room might typically look like.  Whereas, the photo below is what can now be seen growing in the guest room.
Yep, we've set up a seed starting room.  These little gems are growing in mid-June-like conditions.  A space heater is keeping the room at about 90 degrees while a fluorescent shop light suspended from the ceiling adds faux daylight.  I've got a tarp covering the bed, plastic tubs on the bed, and these little pots filling the plastic tubs.

These little pots are easily made from yesterday's newspaper.  When it comes to seed starting, I've always failed in the past when it came time to transplant to outdoors.  The beauty of these pots is that you plant the entire compostable pot when the time comes, reducing the risk of breaking or damaging the plant in the process. 

As you can see, I've made quite a few of these little pots.  For a tutorial on how to make your own, click here
Also, this month's edition of Mother Earth News has some great pointers regarding seed starting.  For example, one thing I learned from the article was to top my potting soil with a thin layer of Sphagnum Moss.  The moss keeps moisture levels in check, even in humid indoor conditions, and has proven successful at keeping 80-90% of potentially harmful fungus at bay.

Here's my basket of seeds.  Scheduled to get started this weekend:  onions!

And, just to pique your interest, what in the world could be going on here?  Another post, my friends, another post.  ;)