Brooding On

Getting Ready for Goats!

Our goats are expecting!  Right now, they reside on their farm in Missouri.  We plan to go meet them in March, then bring them home in April after they've had their kids.  In preparation, John has worked hard to prepare a pen for them in the backyard. 
This is our backyard shed, home to everything from yard tools to Christmas decor.  The lean-to portion on the right used to house the lawn mower but has now been incorporated into the goat pen to provide a covered milking area and shelter for the goats.

This is a view of the lean-to from the side.  The fence meets the lean-to in the center.  To the left (where the ladder is in the photo) is the milking area. This area can be cut off from the goats using the gate, so that we can keep this area clean.  The area to the right is the covered shelter area. I plan to paint those two wooden panels later this week to match the brown of the rest of the shed.

This is just another view of the gate in the milking area.

This is a view of the pen from the backside of the yard.  Yes, that's a firepit in the middle of the pen.  What?  You don't have a firepit in the middle of your backyard goat pen?  We will have to move it and find a new part of the yard to use for marshmallow roasts.  So, there's still a bit left to do to get everything ready, but we still have another month or so. :)