Brooding On

Gifts for Kiddos

Here are a few of the crafts that I've been doing lately and would be happy to sell to anyone who'd like to purchase!  To order, email me (Ashley) at
This is what I call a TAGGIE BLANKET.  It measures about 10"x10" with ribbon loops.  Babies love these!  One side has a print, while the other side features a super-soft and cuddly solid-colored fabric.  $8 each.
I mostly have more feminine ones made up right now.  However, I would be more than happy to make custom Taggies; just let me know what colors you'd like.

From left to right: pink, tan, brown, orange

These CRAYON APRONS are always a hit at birthday parties.  The apron measures about a foot in length and ties around the little artist to keep those crayons well within reach at all times!  $10 each.

Here are a few of the varieties I have available right now.

What about the little boys?  I wouldn't leave them out.  These are CRAYON ROLLS.  They are similar to the apron, only they just roll up and are tied shut with an attached ribbon.  These are great for throwing into mom's purse or into that busy bag for church!  $10 each.
Designs currently available are Spiderman, John Deere, camouflage, and soccer.