Our Goats and Their Milk

Goats at Brood Farm

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Razz, Herd Queen

Razz, Herd Queen

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When asked to describe our goats, the brood kids got excited: 'The goats are awesome!' one blurted out.  She was right - they are awesome.  But their more detailed responses explain why we're so fond of these creatures.  They talk about what the goats do: 'They eat everything out of the garden', 'We can play with them', 'They'll chase us around the field'.  And they talk about what the goats make: 'milk and all the stuff we use it for like ice cream and yogurt and cheese and soap'. 

So, we - it's not just the kids! - are crazy about what the goats do and what we can do with their milk.  Our herd of Nubian dairy goats are pets that produce.

Milk Production

We milk the goats seasonally, from the time they kid in the late winter and spring until they dry off in the winter for rest and gestation.  It's work, milking every day, morning and night.  But it's worth it.  The milk is wholesome, the cheese is rich, the yogurt is a family favorite, and the frozen yogurt is delicious.  Seriously, the frozen yogurt is delicious.  When it's lightly sweetened and flavored with real fruit, even the most ardent, freaked-out goat-milk-skeptics around admit the frozen yogurt is delicious.

Raw Goat Milk

Our raw goat milk is available for sale during milking season.  According to Arkansas Milk Law, raw milk must be purchased directly from the farm.  $10 / gallon or $5 / half-gallon.  Please bring your own glass container or plan to purchase 1/2 gallon jars from us for $5 each.  To arrange milk purchase, please contact Brood Farm via Facebook or email @ ashley@broodfarm.com.

Visit the Harvest Store to purchase our natural, nourishing, handmade goat milk soaps and lotions.  

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Honey and her first kids

Honey and her first kids

Brood Farm herd

Brood Farm herd