Our Chickens and Their Eggs

Chickens at Brood Farm

We love chickens at Brood Farm.  They were the first working animals we brought home.  They're beautiful in their variety of colors and patterns.  They're entertaining to watch as they peck and scratch and explore.  And they're an amazingly productive part of a whole farm system.


Egg Production

Fresh Eggs at Brood Farm

Fresh Eggs at Brood Farm

Brood Farm is home to over 100 happy, healthy hens.  Our mixed flock of hybrid and heritage breed hens are naturally raised, pastured, free range, and antibiotic-free.  They have constant access to fresh forage as they move all over the farm with their wagon and protective electric net fencing.  Our Black Star, Red Star, Araucana, Brown Leghorn, Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, Dominique, and Wyandotte hens lay brown, white, and blue-green eggs that we think are the Best.Eggs.Ever.  

Brood Farm's Best.Eggs.Ever.* are available now for $4/dozen here at the farm or email ashley@broodfarm.com to inquire about egg delivery.  We also sell at the Main Street Farmer's Market in Downtown Batesville from April to November.  


Meat Production

Young Red Ranger Broilers

Young Red Ranger Broilers

A few times a year we raise a batch of broilers at Brood Farm.  We raise them like we do the hens: naturally, on grass, and without meds.  And at harvest we respect their deaths as we do their lives, praying thanks over each one.  We do not currently offer meat for sale, but we usually raise a few extra birds that we'd gladly share in exchange for some help and company at harvest!

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*"Best.Eggs.Ever." is just a fun way of saying we're proud of these eggs, not an actual claim relative to any other egg.  They are a good, wholesome, pastured, local food.  We intend to claim no more, and certainly no less, than that.